30 Legendary Chinese Dragon Illustrations and Paintings


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The unique style of artwork from the far east has inspired creatives around the world. One of the popular figures from Chinese mythology that has become a symbol of the culture is the Chinese Dragon. Unlike the winged reptilian dragon creatures from Western mythology, the East Asian dragons have more of an animal-like appearance with long, slender bodies, four large legs and bearded heads. In today’s inspiration showcase I roundup 30 brilliant illustrations and paintings of Chinese Dragons from a range of talented artists.

Shenlong Fan Art by Sceko Soriano C

Chinese Dragon by Annie Hryshchenko

Dragon Hexagrams by Ofen Hu

Chinese Dragon by Gregory Moreira

L'Etiquette Cover Illustration by Bene Rohlmann

Chinese New Year City of Sydney by Chrissy Lau

China Dragon Illustration by Vetalik Chepelnikov

Season Dragons by Maria Sergunina

Jade Dragon by Lydia Praamsma

Air Canada Dragon by Shingo Shimizu

Feng Shui by K. Schiavone

Dragon by Kelvin Kane

The Dragon by Snowcrashed

Japanese Dragon Speed Painting by JimJaz

Chinese Dragon by Drachenmagier

Chinese Dragon by Brokenpuppet86

Year of the Dragon by Artstain

Dragon Design by Brokenpuppet86

Swirling Lung by Douglas Carrel

Chinese Dragon by Suzanne Adamson

Chinese Dragon Design by Wei Guan

Mist Dragon by Nicolas Lorente

Chinese Dragon by Concept J

Big Dragon by Artforgame

A Whole Chinese Dragon by Keii

Dragon King by Rahadil Hermana

A Happy New Year 2012 by Born To Raise Hell

2014 Drawing by Hailin Fu

Descending Dragon by David Tevenal