Procreate Texture Brush Pack for Access All Areas Members


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Access All Areas members have a brilliant set of Procreate Brushes to download this week, courtesy of Quiver Supply Co. This Procreate Texture Brush Pack contains 40 hi-definition texture brushes with a myriad of surface effects, including halftones, concrete, paper, metals and noise. Procreate is a powerful digital illustration app for iPad, which allows creatives to produce beautiful artwork by sketching directly on the device screen. This unique brush packs helps you make authentic looking artwork without the mess!

Quiver Supply Co.

Designers today face the challenge of looming deadlines and an oversaturated market which has upped the ante for quality and speed. Quiver Supply Co. helps creatives rise to those challenges by equipping themselves with useful tools and resources. The Quiver Supply Co. store on Creative Market is full with a range of tools that help you produce a variety of design styles, particularly for the popular Procreate iPad app.

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Procreate Texture Brush Pack

This set of Procreate brushes contains 40 texture effects that help you emulate real life work in your digital illustrations. Once the files have been downloaded onto your iPad, choose Copy To Procreate for each .brush file to install them into the Procreate app.

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